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Spinach Juice
Our web staff receives tons of inquiries regarding how to make spinach juice, so I thought I would write up this quick overview of the creation process. The first question that usually seems associated with the subject, is what sort of juicing device does one need for juicing spinach. The answer to that question is that you will need an electric juice machine to extract juice from the spinach leaf, as any manual juicer will not spin fast enough to separate the liquid juice from the fiber. Juice machines are quite affordable in this day and age, and there is really no rational reason for not owning one, as they are such an important factor in maintaining and balancing one's physical health. I see my juicer as being more important than my oven, as the shear volume of nutrition that my body receives is likely to come predominantly from the juicer, as opposed to the low nutrition density cooked foods produced from any traditional kitchen based oven.

With regard to actually juicing the spinach itself, there is no complex or rocket science level procedure that you would have to endure to extract juice from this super food. Simply turn on your juice machine, place a juice collection container underneath the juice spout, then feed the spinach through the machine. You simply stop juicing once your collection container has enough juice for your needs. Many people also ask, but what about the fiber contained in the spinach, isn't it bad to only juice it, instead of eating is whole. The answer to that question, is that you want to do both, juice spinach, and eat it whole. The idea behind juicing it, is that you can get a nice heavy nutrient concentration in one glass of juice, whereas you would have to eat tons of spinach to match that. However you also need fiber to keep your digestive track moving along, hence the need for eating it whole, like in a salad, loose blend smoothie, or vegan soup for example.

Before juicing your spinach, you should always thoroughly wash and rinse it under running tap water. It is extremely important that you do this, as spinach is grown close to the soil, and often comes into contact with fertilizer, which obviously can hold within it harmful bacteria such as Salmonella. There are also raw vegan veggie sprays that you can use on the spinach, that are safe yet guaranteed to kill any form of harmful bacteria on the plant. The best thing that you can do to safeguard yourself from consuming any of these harmful germs, is to grow your own spinach. The vegetable is extremely easy to grow in your own backyard, and it is a fairly low maintenance plant. If grown yourself, you can make sure that the plant is grown chemical free, and away from any types of fertilizer that might potentially contaminate it. If you can't grow it yourself, then at the very least buy it organic only from a local farmers market.

Spinach, due to it's ultra high volume of vitamins and minerals, is considered to be a super food. In fact spinach is one of the healthiest things you can eat. But despite it's stand alone nutritional power, it's awesome to juice along with other fruits and vegetables. For example carrot spinach juice is just super delicious, super healthy, and very low in calories. Many people don't actually like the taste of raw plain spinach juice, so if you are one of those people, be sure to mix in some other fruits and vegetables with it. Another great juice drink, is coconut water spinach juice. What you do is buy two or three organic young coconuts, then empty their water into a couple pints of spinach juice, as this will sweeten up the somewhat grassy tasting juice. I personally love to drink spinach juice plain, as I've grown to love the taste over the years. We would like to thank you for reading through this spinach juice article, please continue to browse around.
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