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Spinach Juice
As most of you are probably already aware, raw homemade spinach juice is one of the healthiest beverages that a human being can drink. As far as building the blood goes, you really cannot go wrong with a nice cold pint of this green stuff. Many people often ask what are the advantages to drinking spinach juice over consuming it in it's natural state. The answer is simple, by juicing spinach you are consolidating the nutritional value of the plant, and then putting it into an easily digestible and compact state. The nutritional value in a pint of raw homemade spinach juice, would probably equal a very large portion of unjuiced spinach, which often times would be difficult to consume in one sitting. Obviously I am not against eating raw spinach. The perfect balanced diet would include eating both raw natural unjuiced spinach, as well as drinking the fresh homemade juice. Your digestive system needs fiber, so do be sure to consume it both ways.

Spinach juice is an extremely rich source of antioxidants, especially if the juice is unpasteurized raw homemade juice. The beverage also contains huge amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin K, copper, folate, manganese, magnesium, potassium, folic acid, and many others. Need omega 3 fatty acids in your diet, then try spinach juice. Need more protein in your diet, then try spinach juice. This plant is truly a natural wonder when you consider the shear volume of vitamins and minerals that it contains, and then compare that to other vegetables. What is important to consider, is that many of these vitamins and minerals will be rendered non digestible if you boil, steam, or cook the leaf. The best way to consume spinach, and the only way I consume it, is raw in salads, or juiced raw. By eating spinach raw, you guarantee that all of the plant's nutrients will be accessible for your whole body.

We often receive many inquiries regarding frozen or canned spinach, and whether or not you can juice it for maximum nutrition. The answer is no unfortunately, while frozen or canned spinach does contain lots of nutrients, it will always be substantially less than what you would get from juicing raw spinach leaf. Frozen spinach for example has many of it's natural vitamins and mineral rendered or destroyed during the freezing process, it can also be heavily contaminated by the plastic packaging. Canned spinach is probably even worse than frozen spinach, as it's often mixed with unhealthy chemicals that help to preserve it, and again it can be quite contaminated by the metal can packaging. If you want to maximize your nutritional intake, then juice raw organic spinach only, as it's the best and most natural way to build the blood. Raw homemade spinach juice also tastes great, whereas frozen or canned spinach juice is not quite as tasty.

Another very important nutrition based fact about spinach juice, is that drinking it on an empty stomach is the best way to maximize your nutritional intake, especially if it's the first thing that you consume during the day. I don't recommend doing this, unless your digestive system is well adjusted and accustomed to drinking lots of raw juices, as you might get diarrhea or suffer from some minor digestive aches. Raw homemade spinach juice isn't particularly acidic or harsh on the stomach, but you will need certain enzymes within your gastrointestinal tract to process it without any digestive disturbances. The best way to get those enzymes in your system, is obviously to consume lots of spinach juice on a full stomach, and then gradually work your way to the point where you can drink it on a totally empty stomach, and be completely unaffected. That concludes this article, we hope that you learned something new about fresh spinach juice.
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