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Raw Vegan Spinach Crunk Juice

1 Huge Bunch Of Crisp Organic Spinach
3 Large Fresh Organic Apples
2 Stalks Of Crisp Organic Celery
1 Whole Peeled Organic Lemon
1 Whole Peeled Organic Lime
1 Coconut Water From A Young Coconut
2 Tablespoons Of Everclear Grain Alcohol

Serving Size 1
90 Calories Per Serving
0 Grams Of Fat

Preparation Instructions:
Many raw vegans and vegetarians do not subscribe to the idea that a very limited amount of alcohol in your diet can actually improve your overall long term health. There is a tremendous amount of rock solid research out there that backs this idea up completely, and many living examples will testify to this as well. My 94 year old grandpa claims that a small single shot of spirits or liqueur, or even a small dark porter beer, will help clear your kidneys and urinary tract of any cobwebs, so to speak. He never drinks to get drunk or buzzed, and limits his intake to roughly one shot of alcohol or a small glass of beer every month or two. So to begin this raw vegan spinach crunk juice recipe, first you should thoroughly wash and rinse all of your delicious fresh produce. Next take out your juice machine and set it up. You are now ready to begin juicing, so run all of your produce through the juicer. Once you are finished, pour the coconut water of one young coconut into your juice vessel. Next add two tablespoons of Everclear grain alcohol to every liter of juice. Once all of your ingredients are within the juice vessel, rapidly stir it so that the flavor is nice and smooth. I personally drink this juice every two months, as I'm not a big alcohol drinker. I find the taste to be very refreshing, and also enjoy the slight uptick in circulation I feel from the grain alcohol. That wraps up this unique and off the beaten path spinach juice recipe, we hope that you enjoyed it. Please continue to browse our website.
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